Mountains become molehills - one year on

By Jon | May 22, 2019

Jon, Laura and Ethan smiling through the arthrogryposis journey

It’s amazing what difference a year can make. Today marks the one year anniversary that we were told our baby would die at birth. It was one of the saddest days of our lives, but a day that has led us on the most incredible journey. Rather than look back sadly on this day, we have decided that from now on the 22nd of May should be a celebration. It is Happy Ethan Day!

The journey through the pregnancy was such a rollercoaster. It started as such a high, but it was brought crashing down after we were told the news that he had extensive arthrogryposis and wouldn’t survive past birth. From then on, we somehow navigated each day and our hope and expectation rose prior to each scan, only to be brought crashing back down to a difficult reality. It’s our faith, and the love from our friends and family that carried us through.

Since his miraculous birth, Ethan has gone from strength to strength. At birth, his legs were wrapped impossibly up around his hips and we just cannot believe what the doctors have achieved within 6 months of his life. Through the Ponsetti procedure, boots and bars, and plenty of physio, his legs are now unrecognisable from birth. Our prayer is that at every appointment that he will continue to exceed the doctors expectations, and that seems to be the case. He really is going from strength to strength.

His character has begun to shine, and he smiles and giggles constantly. We have so much to be thankful for and there is not a moment we don’t feel proud of our little gorgeous boy. We have already faced so many mountains, and we know we are still only at the beginning of this journey, but the joy he brings us each day makes mountains look like molehills.

Happy Ethan Day

A collage of our Ethan's arthrogryposis journey, from diagnosis to 6 months old

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